Many asks me; "Should I choose the big (Le Grand) or the small (La Petite) Save My Face pillow?"

Depending on the current pillow used, it may be a good idea to start with one Save My Face pillow at a time; Eg. the small Save My Face pillow on top of their own existing pillow, or the large Save My Face pillow alone. It 'normally' ends, however, after some time, almost always with both of them - they can not be used wrongly and suits all sleeping positions.

The small Save My Face pillow does not provide 'height', but support and must therefore be on top of another pillow; however, only if you sleep on your stomach. The large Save My Face pillow (Le Grand) can be used alone.

So if you are 'tired' of your pillow at home (you might fold and curl the pillow to achieve the best possible support / hold) it is s initially Le Grand that would be interesting for you, as it conveniently used alone.

However, if you are happy with your existing pillow at home, and it is perhaps the sleep lines, support and the many other benefits that concern you, then La Petite is most interesting for you; La Petite places you 'just' on top of your current pillow at home, and you feel immediately the support and hold of the Save My Face pillow for your neck and shoulders.

The small pillow - La Petite - is more 'accurate', but if you want all the benefits of Save My Face head pads when you buy a set Le Grand and La Petite where La Petite on the ideal way to stack up Le Grand.


What comes with the Save My Face pillow?

It always includes a removable cover in either cotton, microfibre or silk and additional covers can be separately purchased.

There is YKK zipper in both the provided cover and extra coverlets.

The pillow can otherwise easily be washed in the washing machine, at well as dried in the tumbler without any change to it.

This is how to best take care of your Save My Face pillow
'Massage/air' the pillow with your handls (as you likely do with your regular pillow), and even every day.
Wash the pillow (without the case) at 40 gdegrees in the washingmachine approx every 2nd month, and dry it in the tumbler at low heat/temperature, or hang it for dry, using the 'slip' on the pillow. Wash the case every or every second week, close the zipper.
It is a good idea to zip the cases prior washing, and use with advantage a washingbag.
  • Cotton-cases, including the ecological cotton at 40-60 degrees celcius, and tumble it if you wish - luxury pearl  280/500 threads cotton, and 100% ecological cotton
  • Dry clean, handwash or use the washingmachine at 30 degrees celcius for the silk-cases (at the silk-program and use special detergents for silk/wool or without enzymes; Hang for drying or use tumbler at low heat/temperature (100% natural silk)
  • Microfiber-cases/travel-cases can be washed in the washingmachine at 40 degrees celcius, and do not withsrand tumbler (100% polyester)
  • Breeze-cases can be washed in the washingmachine at 40 degrees celcius, but do not withsrand tumbler (66% nylon and 34% polyester)


Where is the Save My Face pillow produced?

The pillows are developed and manufactured in the United States, California. Recognized and used for more than 15 years, within also spa / skin care, physical therapy, Botox / Restylane, lash extensions- clinics etc.

There is also a professional line (Medical line) used in hospitals, eye, hair and plastic surgery, breathing clinics and elderly / disabled area.


Does the Save My Face pillow support my skin care treatments?

Indeed; The pillow provides the perfect support / hold of the face throughout the night, thereby lengthening the results of the regular skincare treatments, as circulation and oxygenation is optimized; Your face is almost 'lifted and held' in a really nice and convenient way on the pillow.

Using a normal pillow, your night cream very often ends up in the cover, as your movements with the head (during the night) will rub the cream of; This is avoided completely when using the Save My Face pillows, as the head 'float' nicely on the pillow.


Can I use the Save My Face pillow after having an operation done?

The Save My Face pillow is a tested and durable product that supports all cosmetic treatment operations in- and around the head; The neck, neck, shoulders and have a lot of health benefits - simply a necessity for any form of cosmetic treatment!

The pillows are a great complement to i.e. dental, mouth, eye, facial operations, and neck and back surgeries - especially for whiplash injuries.

They are the optimal way of taking care of the cosmetic treatment you may have been through, for example. eye and face operations and Botox / Restylane treatments.

The pillows provide the necessary hold / support of the head, neck and shoulders, at the same time with a free 'movement' of the body, which overcomes and reduces swelling, pain, and thus improve the healing process.


How do I avoid these annoying sleeping lines/wrinkles?

Sleep wrinkles from the pillow happens to all of us - the daily wrinkles and swollen eye surroundings eventually becomes more permanent and harder to get rid of again. Facial Muscles and skin is very delicate and must be handled carefully, but the pressure on the pillow from the 3-4 kg heavy head put its mark.

Stop premature aging - "Save My Face 'pillow provides the head the ideal support, and lifts the face and eye area from the pillow - the results can quickly be felt and seen - A normal / regular pillow can be devastating and daily challenging for skin and facial' sleep side '.

The special carving of the pillow keeps the face 'lifted' og free from the pillow; Thus protecting inter alia eyes or facial skin and suits all sleeping positions; Since, back and abdomen. Swelling / fluid is drawn not to the skin around the eyes.


Can I use the Save My Face pillow in connection with my sleep at night?

The pillow is ideal also during the day (multifunctional), folded by reading, relaxing on the sofa, convenient for travel in the plane, car, train, etc., and fits easily in your bag - no magic or else here, but sheer enjoyment of body.

A nice addition to the hotel pillow - Save My Face pillow will last for many years and a 'must' investment in your sleep and your daily well-being.

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2018.11.30 Written by Christina Brandt
Hej er det muligt at vaske safe my face puden.

Christina Brandt
2018.08.09 Written by Helle Vang
Jeg plejer at vaske mit sengelinned på min. 60 grader. Kan jeg også vaske mine bomuldsbetræk til puderne på 60 grader ? Står skånevask på anvisningen...
Mvh Helle tlf 20456145