Ease the tenderness and and pains in neck, shoulders and back

The combination of the unique patented shape, processing and materials used for the pillowettes, provides a superior support to your neck, shoulders and back - and the head avoids being over-stretched; A more intense sleep and improved resilience in muscles is felt.


Improves breathing

As the pillowettes safeguards a correct sleeping position/support, breathing through the nose increases, which also improves conditions for allergy sufferers; A more relaxed and effective sleep is achieved.


Prevents wrinkles and too quick aging

Amazing anti-wrinkle invention, as facial muscles and tissue (night after night) is not pressed. The 'free' placement of the face safeguards a morning without sleeping wrinkles- and lines, which - over time - are more and more apparent, as well and harder and harder to get rid of. Optimal blood- and oxygen circulation to your face, also visible around the eyes.

The unique shape of the pillowettes futhermore optimizes the effectiveness of your skin care serum and creams, as the face is benefitting from the ideal support, without the usual spillover on the pillow.


Pragnancy support

Use several pillows – as support under your belly, between the legs and oxygenation for you and your baby is improved, when used as pillow

After various operations and beauty treatments

Your face is provided the appropriate support, healing and movement, following various operations, such as eyes, teeth etc. ’SAVE MY FACE’® pillowettes can help and reduce swelling and pain, and thereby improve and facilitate the healing process

Multi-functional when travelling (car, train, flight etc.)

Convenient and comfortable to use ’La Petite’ in connection with travelling – in the lower back, folded to the neck and shoulders; It perfectly fits all bags and maintains the original shape. It provides you all the advantages, and you will experience a more rested and comfortable travelling

If having Acne problems

The 'open' and free position of the face - when using ’SAVE MY FACE’® pillowettes - is vital when having skin care problems. Furthermore, likely a very pleasant experience, not to have a tender/painful face 'down' in a normal pillow

Allergy sufferers
As the face is supported and not pressed' are sinuses and cheeks not pressed together, facilitating and improving breathing conditions

When use of oxygen apparatus

’SAVE MY FACE’® pillowettes are also used at hospitals and breathing clinics all over the world, and proper support, safety and confort is achieved, when using ’SAVE MY FACE’® pillowette at home