Persons of contact

I - Dorte Hein - graduated as a beautician from CIDESCO school in Copenhagen, and has for years worked as a therapist at home and abroad; Since 2006, as the owner of Hein Care.

Hein Care has since 2011 handled the sale and distribution of 'SAVE MY FACE'® series in Scandinavia. I got in 2010 acquainted with the pillow, following some neck problems. It soon became clear, that the Save My Face pillows alleviated my problems, and provided proper support and comfort. In addition, the pillows are amazing anti-aging properties; Optimal circulation to the face, increased power of night cream care, improved breathing through the nose (which also improves conditions for allergy sufferers and people prone to snoring) and prevents tightness of facial mucles- and tissues (= wrinkles).

I have for several years been using, and worked with 'SAVE MY FACE'® pillow professionally, and rejoice every day with the results I see, and all the positive feedback I receive.

SaveMyFace Dorte Hein